About Us

Greetings from Pastor Jeffrey & Elizabeth Steiner of Promised Land Church in
Watertown Wisconsin!

The Promised Land vision began in my heart some 20 years ago as the Lord woke me
up at 5am one early morning. In deep prayer, the Lord spoke to my heart to go to
Ripon Wisconsin and begin by faith and pioneer “Promised Land Church”. Having
been saved literally “off the bar stool” at the age of 25 in the fall of 1984 and wondrously baptized in the Holy Spirit shortly thereafter, I began to sense God’s call to preach upon my life. The Lord led me to a Pentecostal church which housed a four year bible school that had the God given vision to train and educate ministers of the gospel including a heavy schedule of prayer meetings, revival meetings and conventions. The fires of Pentecost were burning bright and clear!

As the Ripon church became established in the early 1990’s, we began to see people saved, water baptized and baptized in the Holy Spirit! Howbeit, I would soon then enter the school of hard knocks and difficulty including a marital breakdown and a resigning of the Ripon work. Left devastated, bewildered and broken, I determined that I would not give up on God and my Lord Jesus Christ and his call upon my heart!  As time would pass and much waiting, the Holy Spirit began to again draw me to His work and began to wondrously restore my life! I met my wife Elizabeth in the summer of 1998 who had been recently widowed. We married May 1st, 1999 and within 2 years, the Lord led us to begin Richwood Tabernacle in the little community of Richwood near Watertown.

Soon thereafter the Lord began to lead us towards Watertown by circumstances and divine promptings. By the summer of 2004 we found ourselves having church in the corner of a warehouse on the outskirts of Watertown and having wonderful services and many visitors, the Lord providing faithfully! The Lord then reminded me of his promise made to me many years earlier that “Promised Land” would live again! We named our church in the warehouse “Promised Land Church”! Then within a year the local township served us notice that we could no longer have services in the warehouse and gave us two weeks to move out! The Lord was closing that door only to open another! It just so happened that a Baptist Church was trying for some time to sell their building as they built a new edifice on the other side of town. We contacted them about renting their former building for a short time while we waited upon the Lord as to what to do. The Church seats 450 people, we had 20!

Not knowing what to do, I went again into deep prayer and calling on God to show us what to do. My answer came quick! As we were offered an arrangement with the Baptist church the Lord took me to Psalms 105:11,12 and spoke to my heart out of these verses “Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance: When they were but a few in number; yea, very few, and strangers in it.” I had heard from God and had my answer! We have been now in our new church location since the fall of 2005 and have seen Gods steady provision since! Promised Land Church is well established and preaching the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and him crucified! The message of the Cross is mans only hope of salvation, righteousness, blessing and victory over the power of sin! Pastor Jeff and Elizabeth live near Lake Mills Wisconsin with sons Nicholas, Andrew and “Hannah”, our Golden Retriever. Our daughters, Jasmin is married to Jordan Nass and lives near Beloit, Jennifer is married to Jake Holbrook and living in Clintonville. Liz and I are also the proud grandparents of "Creed" and "Dominic Jacob Holbrook".