In Jesus any man can be free from anything!

Tired of lifeless and powerless religion that leaves one empty? Come and be part of a non-denominational, full gospel, Spirit filled Bible Church emphasizing the message of the Cross which is Jesus Christ and him crucified for the sin of the world. The message of the Cross is God's way of redemption and victory over the power of sin and darkness. You've tried religion, self helps, new fads and everything else, why not give the "truth that makes men free" a try and experience what the living God provides to broken humanity through the finished work of Jesus!

We at Promised Land emphasize heart moving Praise and Worship, Dynamic Teaching and Preaching and yes, we still believe in altar calls, prayer and the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit!

...Pastor Jeffrey W. Steiner


Upcoming Events:



Crossing Jordan Spring RevivalCarl Brown 2

May 18th – May 20th, 2018

Evangelist Carl Brown

 Evangelist Carl Brown is host of the television & radio broadcast “Wind of the Spirit.” He is also a frequent guest on the “Sonlife Broadcasting Network” (SBN) on the programs “The Message of the Cross” with Jimmy Swaggart and “Frances and Friends” with Frances Swaggart. Brother Brown has pastured several churches and is an accomplished writer and author. Evangelist Brown is a no non-sense preacher that preaches the un-compromising message of Jesus Christ, the Cross, his Death, Burial & Resurrection, and his imminent return. He believes that the local church is vitally important to carry out the work of the Great Commission as they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Come and join us for a spiritual refreshing from the presence of the Lord!


Friday, May 18th - 7pm

Saturday, May 19th – 10am Seminar, 7pm

Sunday, May 20th - 10 am


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